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Eye Shadow Primer Comparison

I've been testing and comparing these few eye shadow primers and one of them became my no. 1 product. Here are the products I tested:

1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance

2. Jesse's Girl Eye Shadow Primer

3. Urban Decay Primer Potion

Okay, I start with the Urban Decay Primer Potion.

I bought it for a long time ago because it was so popular and praised. And I liked it too. It is great how it brings up the pigments out of the eyeshadows so well and it even makes the eye makeup waterproof (it doesn't say so, but makeup really doesn't budge if I went swimming or in the shower and run water over my makeup!). It is great especially with creamy products, for example Illamasqua's cream pigments and I use it when I use Nyx's Jumbo Eye Pencils or anything creamy (gel eye liners as a basecolor etc. etc.). However, it isn't my favorite. I know that Urban Decay's Primer Potion is one of the most popular eye shadow bases, but I got to say that I don't like that product so much anymore when I found something more suitable for me. I don't know if it just doesn't go well with my skin type or what is with it it doesn't apply so well on my lids. I have dry, atopic skin type and I am very precise with moisturizing the skin around the eye area, so it can't be anything like I haven't been moisturizing it enough. It just doesn't apply well on me! I think it probably suits the best for moist lids because I've noticed it sucks the moisture out of the skin. Anyway in short the plus and the minuses:

+ makes eye makeup last very long even in extreme circumstances (copes water, sweat, tears, oily skin)
+ brings out the pigments very well
+ is the best when working with cream products
- does not suit for dry skin very well -> causes problems to apply eyeshadow smoothly
-/+ price is high, but when you want to buy a good product, usually you have to pay more too. I think it's worth the money.

 Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I've read about this product from beautyblogs and I've never really saw any bad reviews about it. It is pretty cheap too, so I decided to buy it. However, I am very disappointed to this stuff. It applies well, but it doesn't really bring out the pigments (that isn't a must though) and it made my eyeshadow crease and it didn't make my makeup really last. I tried to use it about a week and then I stopped using it. Didn't work for me.

+ applies well (that doesn't save anything though)
+ cheap price
- makes eyeshadows crease
- didn't make the eye makeup last
- doesn't bring out pigments

Jesse's Girl Eye Shadow Primer

This is what Jesse's Girl promises from it: "Jesse's Girl Eye Shadow Primer provides a silky, crease proof base for smoother application and long lasting color". I totally agree with that! This is my no. 1 product! It is the best primer I've ever used! It applies great, it doesn't make your lids too dry, so the eyeshadows apply very well. After applying it, the lid feels smooth and silky, like the company describes it. It is very cheap too, so I'm very happy with it. The only thing is I don't really know how it works with moist lids. But with my dry skin type it works very well. I recommend it to everyone!

+ cheap price
+ applies well, makes applying makeup easy too
+ brings out the pigments of eye makeup
+ makes eye makeup last
+ doesn't irritate skin
+ suits for dry skin very well
- might not suit for moist lids

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  1. Hi. I'm sorry but I feel I have to say someting about the Too Faced shadow insurance! I have been using it for over 3 years now! And I can not live without it. Because I have extremely oily skin and eyelids and had stop to wear eye shadows for many years. But after I found that wonder product I wear eye shadows ALL the time. It does not work well with cream shadows. That make the shadow crease. But mabye (just mabye) you got a fake one? ORE youre skin (eye) moisturizer mabye to heavy for the primer. Who knows. I'm actually sorry that you dit not like it :( But not everything is for everybody :) Love youre blogg tho <3

    1. Thanks for your comment! It is interesting how it didn't work for me, but seems like almost everyone else it works. :D It could be something with my moisturizer (it absorbs very quickly though). Products tend to react to each other sometimes in weird ways and maybe it did something to that primer. Not that the moisturizer is too heavy, but some ingredient in it might have reacted to some ingredient in the primer. Or my skin pH is different or something like that. It could be anything. But, every product does not always work for everyone. :) Maybe I'll give it another chance someday, I still have it in my drawer. x)